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Smoked Lobster with Rosemary Butter Mash by BBQ Bob

BBQ Bob's Smoked Lobster

Purchase fresh, live 1 1/4 lb. lobsters.

Fill a 3-4 qt. sauce pot with water and season with your favorite rub. (In this case I used Dizzy Pig's Tsunami Spin.

Once water boils, ask the lobster's if they would like to go for a swim. If they refuse, push em in! Boil for exactly 4 minutes and pull them out of the water.

Using a heavy, sharp knife, cut the shell of the lobsters from head to tail. Spoon in Rosemary Butter Mash from front to back. (recipe below)

Set smoker to 350 (using the Guru of course) and place lobsters directly on grate. Throw in 1 handful of Apple/Cherry blend wood chips.

Cook for 4 minutes and place lobsters upside down in disposable pan. Cook for 4 more minutes.

Melt Rosemary Butter Mash until it become a liquid serve with Lobster.

Rosemary Butter Mash:

1/2 stick of real salted butter
3 sprigs of fresh Rosemary clean from stems and roasted
1 teaspoon fresh chopped garlic
1 pinch of favorite rub
1 pinch of black pepper

Melt butter slightly until it is able to mash with fork. (Do not let it melt to a clear oily consistency)

Add other ingredients and mash throroughly with fork.

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