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Pork Sausage Sawmill Gravy by Shotgun Fred

In a skillet, brown ½ lb. Of your favorite pan sausage and separate sausage from drippings and set aside. Put 4 tbsp. of flour into the drippings left in the skillet. (If the sausage is lean and does not yield enough drippings, use some butter, Crisco or oil to brown the flour. (Hint: If needed, deglaze your frying pan with a little cider vinegar.) As the flour starts to brown, add small amounts of buttermilk, cream, milk or all three. Continue stirring. As the gravy thickens, add chicken stock or bullion broth or BBQ drippings to keep at your desired consistency.

Continue simmering and stirring with spatula (egg turner) so you can scrape the bottom of the skillet to prevent gravy from sticking and scorching to the bottom. Season to taste with your favorite dry seasoning.

Add browned sausage back to the gravy and serve with Shotgun Fred’s Light and Fluffy No-Measure Biscuits.

...And remember: “Cholesterol” is Latin word for FLAVOR!

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