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Fab Freddy's Killer Brisket by Scott Mund

Purchase an untrimmed brisket, called packers by most butchers. Cover it with your favorite rub the day before you intend to smoke it. Set the egg at about 200-220°F. Throw in whatever your favorite wood is. Hickory is always an excellent choice. Place the brisket on a V-Rack in a drip pan. Close the lid and let the brisket smoke for about 12hrs, and don't open the lid to check on your masterpiece.

Next take it off and wrap in foil, then place back on the egg for 2 or more hours. Drop the egg temp to around 150-170. You can leave it in there for hrs since the internal temp is up and the fat will continue to break down and make it even more tasty and tender.

Only invite people over that you really really like, because they will keep coming back.

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