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14 Hour Brisket by Shotgun Fred

14 hr. Brisket:

Brisket represents the greatest challenge for most BBQ cooks. Place the probe at the center of mass at the large end or Point end of the brisket. Position the meat on the pit fat side up, so that the pit sensor is opposite the charcoal charge (indirect method). The meat should be placed over a pan on a rack or grill to catch the drippings (makes great Smokey gravy or meat sauce). Close the lid and set the meat control knob for 180-185 degrees. You may set the pit control high, say 275-350 for a fast heat up or say 225 for a slow heat up. Remember, the higher the temperature, the more the blower will run and the faster the fuel will be consumed.

You may need to add extra fuel and smoke wood for the long haul. If max smoke flavor is desired, keep up smoke wood until the internal temp. reaches 140. After that, the long haul will require only charcoal. Collagen (what makes meat tough) in a beef brisket will begin to break down and dissolve at about 155-165, and the meat temperature will want to plateau or level off at somewhere in the neighborhood of 180. This is good. When the meat done alarm goes off you can silence it and continue to cook to completion.

WARNING: This meat is likely to fall apart and may be so good that your foot may fall asleep.

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