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BBQ Guru Chicken by BBQ Bob

published in Chile Pepper Magazine

1 whole "Giant Brand" or "Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster" chicken
Olive Oil
Shotgun Fred's Chipotle dry rub or your favorite seasoning

Thoroughly wash chicken and remove gizzard bag from inside. Run your fingers between the skin and meat to separate skin and make "pockets". Thinly slice butter and sprinkle with dry rub. Place the butter slices in the "pockets" you have made under the skin. Rub chicken with olive oil. Generously cover the chicken with Shotgun Fred's dry rub. (inside and outside)

Place chicken on your preheated charcoal grill.

To Preheat Charcoal Grill:

Hook your BBQ Guru up to the draft inducer tube that is on the bottom of the grill.

Place your foil covered drip pan on the bottom grate. Pile a generous amount of charcoal next to the pan on the opposite side of the BBQ Guru. Place your starter sticks into the charcoal and place a few briquettes on top of them. Light starter sticks. After a few minutes close your grill lid (securely) and turn The BBQ Guru on. Place the meat probe (long probe) in the chicken breast and clip the pit probe to the grill grate on the opposite side of your charcoal pile.

BBQ Guru Set Points:
Meat Set Point: 170°F
Pit Set Point: 300°F

Cook for approx. 2 1/2 hours or until your Meat Set Point reaches 170°F

Pull the chicken of the grill and enjoy!

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