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Hi guys, About six weeks ago I purchased a used large Big Green Egg that came with many extras, including a DigiQ II with Pit Viper cfm fan. I am new to the Egg, and to the DigiQ.

Wow. What a game changer.

I love the DigiQ. It has made cooking with the egg so much easier. You become confident in it as soon as you use it once. It’s like setting a digital oven. The layout, the controls, the total “makes sense” way the DigiQ oprates and reacts is just great. I’m an airline pilot (Boeing 757 and 767 Captain) and, trust me, I know and respect good gear.

I’ve never smoked meat before. With the DigiQ my son and I have confidently launched into several low and slow briskets and pork butt roasts with fantastic results. Easy peasy with higher temperatures too. I’m truly impressed and have been ‘talking up’ both the egg and the DigiQ to co-workers.

I’ve had two occasions to call you guys twice for some tech support and advice in operating the DigiQ. This is where you made a BIG impression on me. You have been friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful to me. I appreciate this greatly. It is nice to be able to talk to someone who seems truly invested in my success with your products. In both my phone calls you guys have really helped me out, and you have made it seem more like talking to a trusted friend than to a ‘rep’. Kudos to you.

I’ll be more than happy to buy from you again, and I’m an enthusiastic ‘ambassador’ for your product.

Thank you, Perry

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Just a few lines of feedback to say how pleased I am with my new DigiQ DX. After placing my order it got shipped on Wed 6th Oct & arrived safe & sound in Western Australia on Fri 16th, not bad considering it had to travel halfway around the world to get here!

That same Fri evening I gave it a quick bench test just to confirm that it had survived the journey, to my relief all appeared to be okay & functioning correctly.

Sat morning saw me connect it up to my large BGE for its first test run mainly to familiarise myself with what amount of damper setting I required to hold a stable temp of 250 Deg F.

After the initial light up it I trimmed the damper down to about the 1/3 setting with the daisy wheel barely open, it quickly stabilised to the desired temp setting & held it rock steady for the next couple. Everything was so simple to set-up & use...amazing product, even non-technophiles would have no problem using this product!As my confidence was now sky high I decided to attempt a long n slow brisket for Sundays evening meal, family expectations were high so I was working under no pressure whatsoever, I lie!So, with a 6lb brisket covered in rub sitting overnight in the fridge things were looking good.

Sunday morning prepared & lit the BGE, with the DigiQ holding the temp nice & steady, put in the brisket at 7-30am & crossed my fingers.

Periodically checked how things were progressing, no need really as the DigiQ was doing its stuff, all too easy, no more fussing & tweaking the BGE vents like I’ve done in the past.

Around 7 hr cook time the meat temp reached a plateau for a while & eventually steadily increased, after about 10 hrs the meat was done & looking great.

But as they they say the proof is in the eating, after resting the meat I stated to carve & immediately my wife & three daughters were hovering around me & sneaking pieces when they thought that I wasn’t looking! Everyone declared it a great success...just what every cooks wants to hear! So thank-you for producing such a wonderful, easy to use product; it’s already far exceeded my expectations.

Nigel Western Australia

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I did try to use the BBQ Guru this weekend and I have to say the results were fantastic. The Guru came through on the first try in very difficult conditions (windy, a hard rain, and an outside temperature drop of at least 20 degrees over the 4-hour cooking period and all on a leaky weber grill). Like a nervous parent, I would check the guage only to find the Guru keeping the temperature steady. The results were babyback ribs that were moist and smoky. Quite simply, the best I ever made. I can't wait to try to do more.

Thanks, David

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I finally did my first cook on my new #7 "K"

Good golly miss molly - can this thing cook. I fired up the Kamado and set the pit temperature for 225 deg. Man, did you catch that, I set the temperature. Talk about set it and forget it. I installed the BBQguru temperature controller on my rig and bingo, your "what's the fire doing worry days are over". Then I put a 6 pound boston butt with a dry rub on the rack with a heat deflector and drip pan underneath. 13 hours later I'm shedding the greatest pork butt I've every had. Tender, moist, falling off of the bone. Ok, so it was midnight when I was having that pork sandwich, but it was good. I'll need to work my timing.

I can't rave enough about the temperature controller gizmo, for a low and slow bbq rookie like me this gadget levels the playing field with all the old timers.

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BBQ Guru - Won't cook without it. This little commercial quality device gives you absolute control cooker temperatures. The draft door is super quality, seals well, and it allows you to take the BBQ Guru off the Kamado and use a piece of foil with a small slit to control the air if you want. You can see how big the hole is which for some of us is easier then judging how open the draft door is. It is very accurate. When I want 200 degrees at the grill I put the grill probe on the grill and set the dial to 200 degrees. As long as there is charcoal in the firebox the Kamado will stay at 200 degrees. And if you want to bump it up to 250 degrees all you have to do is turn the dial to 250 and walk away. When you turn it down it shuts off the air until the temp hit your goal. How simple can it be? The fire won’t go out because when the temp drops below set point the fan turns on and keeps the fire burning until all the charcoal is gone.

Think about this: You want a beef roast ready when you get home from work. In the morning you put in the meat probe and set it to you desired internal meat temp. You then put the grill probe on the grill and set the cooker temp. When the meat internal gets close to the setting the BBQ Guru brings the cooker temp down to the meat internal temp and holds it until you get home.

I now sleep at night and my Kamado’s cook all night - and they do it perfectly.

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Just thought I'd add my 2 cents on this one. I bought a BBQ Guru several months ago and like everyone else who owns one, I love mine. Now, many say that controlling a Kamado just takes practice; that is surely true. However, I don't use my K as often as most. Consequently, getting in the necessary practice and remembering various settings on the damper and draft door become a mite problematic. Since getting the BBQ Guru, all that practice and remembering are no longer needed ... it's all automatic now. To me it is like the difference between a car with a stick shift or an automatic transmission. The stick starts out to be fun ... once you get the clutching down pat. But after a while of driving in traffic, the automatic has more appeal. And in the world of K, so does sleeping thru the night on a slow cook.

Imagine the breakthrough for grandma when home ovens added thermostats to control temps ... what a concept!! Today you could not do without that convenience.

For my money, the Guru is the best accessory you could possibly add to your K tools. If you get one you won't be disappointed.

Ps: I have used mine in the wet (didn't intend too, but it rained in the middle of the night) and had no difficulty as a result.


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I, too, have a BBQ Guru. It works GREAT, just as David said. You set it and forget it. To clarify, the Guru is built into a replacement draft door (you have to tell them which K you have when you order; they custom make the draft doors to fit). So, you have the option of leaving it there permanently or, as I do, just installing it for low-and-slows and then reverting to the normal draft door for higher temp cooking. The Guru fan/controller unit fits into a custom hole in the custom draft door, so you CAN also just remove the fan/mechanism and cover or partially cover the hole to control the draft. I prefer just swapping doors.

I would NOT leave it out in the rain. It's a microprocessor-controlled fan, and I don't think it would like to swim for its life.

There are two probes, one for the meat, one for the grill. You set the temp you want for each and the Guru does the rest. It brings the fire up to and maintains it within a few degrees of the target temp, and sounds an alarm when the meat hits the target temp.

The Guru is a tiny fan controlled by the microprocessor. It tirelessly huffs and puffs, fanning (or not) the charcoal to keep it stoked to just the temp you've set. If the temp gets too warm, it stops huffing and puffing for a while. It's clever in many ways, including the fact that instead of blowing continuously (which would probably create major spikes) it literally "puffs," blowing for a few seconds, then going off, then blowing. You could do the same yourself, but I think you'd get tired after a few hours!

As for installation, there really isn't any. You take out your draft door and put in the draft door with the Guru. It needs electricity, which can come from a wall outlet OR it can be rigged to run off one of those portable jumpstart batteries. I'm still working on getting that done.

I bought one after having a couple of fires go out in the night, and seeing that losing large chunks of food was proving both costly and frustrating. A BBQ Guru for a #7 Kamado runs about $225.


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Hi, Fred! Got lucky yesterday, the isolated thunderstorms finally showed up. Got away from that damn house killing oak tree for the rest of the afternoon. Did two beerbutt chickens, hadnt done em in several years. Warned the girlfriend about the trial run, promised her and those two gorillas of hers( Tres, 15yrs, 215, Vince, 13, 225) pizza if all else failed.

I cranked the guru up to 350 and let her howl. Sat out there for 45min watching the temps ramp together, love that feature. Chicken came out fantastic, skin dark brown, chicken got carved with a wooden spoon.

All critics gave it the highest marks possible, 2nd Best Chicken in the whole world, Number One being a fried chicken a particular Mamaw Sparks cooks.

Gonna do a pork butt or two this week, gotta love queing this way!


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I love my Pitminder NanoQ. It just WORKS! It's not flashy or fancy, it just does its job controlling my temperature around the set point printed on the actuator like it's supposed to. I use it on my Kamado. Start a fire, stick the NanoQin the bottom draft, and I'm cooking low and slow at my desired set point temperature. I kept a close eye on it the first few cooks, but now I start my K up and go to bed, knowing that it'll still be at my target temperature in the morning. What more can you ask of a product than to have it do exactly what it's supposed to do? No hassles, no problems, it just works.


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Fred, We just scarfed down almost all three of the slabs I just cooked. (Just my wife, my son, and I!) They were so good that we were full and just couldn't stop eating. I have cooked the best stuff ever since I started using the Guru.


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Running one on my Backwoods Party! Set it and forget it! In NE with our weather this unit is a Q saver! Really maintains the temp and conserves on fuel at the same time. Great people and support at the guru as well!

Rick S

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I have been a “K” user for over a year now, I cook an average of 2 to 3 times a week on my #7. I, on occasion, have had a hard time getting my “K” stabilized for a 200 deg low & slow, maybe an hour or more. I now use the electronic BBQ Guru, and love it. This is not an endorsement for their product just a statement that I prefer a good nights sleep with positive results, than a good nights sleep and maybe positive results. Look at as insurance if nothing else.

My two cents, Brian

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I, too, use the BBQ Guru, and I also love it. I cook an average of 3 -4 times per week year round. Previously, when I did a low and slow butt, I would start the fire at 7:00 to allow for two hours of stabilization. Still, sometimes the alarm would go off at 2 or 3 in the morning because the temp had fallen below my lower set point. Now, I just start the fire at 9:00, plug in the Guru, and go to bed. I don't plot temps anymore because it's a waste of time now. (Same old boring graph of nominal temps all through the cook.) I agree, it's not a necessity, but it sure is nice just starting the cook and going to bed knowing that I'll get a good night's sleep with no interruptions. There are probably pit masters rolling over in their graves, but hey, it works for me.


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I got the bbq guru I had ordered the end of last week and finally had a chance to try it today. did chicken halves with 4X4 rub of salt, pepper, paprika, and brown sugar and added a little garlic. I started em skin down and turned and sprayed with apple juice after halfway threw and threw a piece of wood in then. I had started the smoker by throwing about 12 pieces of Kingsford in a chimney and then spread it on top of some more Kingsford. fred had told me to just hit it with a propane torch and get a few going but I don't have a torch. I wanted to see if the little fan would light the charcoal and keep the temp constant at the same time. I lined the empty pan with foil and didn't use any water. the guru is really easy to install with the attachment fred included and it came completely assembled.

All I can say is that it worked perfectly and the temp control was unbelievable! I kept thinking "this thing can't be working this well and this easily", but it was. I kept the top dial thermometer in and kept checking, but the guru kept it always perfect to where I had set it. I smoked with the smoker temp set at 250 because I am afraid to do chicken lower because of germs (would like a little input here if anyone has some) and set the meat thermometer at 170. checked it halfway through with my Pyrex digital and they were practically the same. It seemed like it was going to be done early so I turned the smoker temp down to 200 and just let it smoke away until time to eat. when I took the chicken out it was smokin away at 200. Do I think it will make you a better bbq chef... It certainly helped me. We were all in agreement that it was by far the best thing I had ever made on the WSM. my son said it was the best chicken he had ever had. That really made me smile because he is becoming a chef. it sure makes things so much easier and more precise. The only thing in my mind about it is wondering how long it will hold up and last. but it appears to be well made and I have no reason to doubt fred. on the contrary, he is a fun guy to talk to and this is a passion for him and I betcha he will be there for anyone who has a problem. can't wait for an overnight brisket experience!!


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