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How will weather effect my control system?

In a nutshell, let’s remember the BBQ Guru controls are electronics and they are not water proof. (They are weather resistant)

Hot Weather:
When cooking in hot weather (above 90°F) and having the control in close proximity to a hot cooker in the direct sunlight, The control can overheat. If you are cooking in this situation, keep your control in shade and check your control box by touching it. If it is hot to the touch, move it to a cooler location.

Cold Weather:
Cold dry weather will have little or no effect on the controls, if you are cooking in sub zero temperatures they display may run slow but the electronics in the control can withstand the cold weather.

Wet Weather:
If you plan on cooking in the rain or wet snow, cover the control box with a zip lock bag or cook under a covered area. The only place that water can get into the control is though the jacks on the bottom of the control box and the electronic board can corrode and stop working if water penetrates the unit.

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