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The BBQ Guru ProCom4 - A Message From Shotgun Fred

Total Fun with the ProCom4!

ShotGun FredWith the ProCom4 you can see exactly what your temperatures are and how your control strategy is working in real time, from a remote location. You can then tweak or fine tune the control from that remote location. This is both great fun and very practical.

Whether you are cooking, baking, roasting, smoking, drying, or jerking you will have the tightest temperature control that has ever been available in a low cost unit. You also have the added benefit of being wireless.

The ProCom4 is its own wireless network, and will not cross talk with other wireless devices or other Procom4 units, so you can use it at a crowded event with complete confidence. You can have as many units as you like operating at the same time.

You can use just two or four probes at a time to wirelessly monitor 4 temps with only battery power in the base as well as the hand held pendant. This gives you a stand-alone battery operated, long range, temperature monitor. You can add a fan and a 12-volt power supply and begin to do full Guru control whenever you like.

The compact hand held pendant uses a novel six key front panel to access all menus and functions remotely. All parameters can be easily reset from the pendant to the default values. You can’t mess it up.

I know you will enjoy the Wireless Guru ProCom4 as much as I do.

Even Temps,
Shotgun Fred

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